Productivity During COVID-19

Many of our customers working from home as businesses take preventative measures to protect employees from exposure to the virus. Below are three of the best communication tools to use—all available to download for free and designed for remote access—to make working from home as efficient as possible.  


Asana is a digital platform used to help teams organize,track, and manage their projects and tasks. The web and mobile-based app allows teams to input and assign individual tasks under each project, with the option to add deadlines, descriptions, and more.


Slack is a workplace communication tool for professionals to use as an instant messaging platform. It’s a web and mobile application, so you can send updates, ask or respond to questions, or share files from your desktop or on the go. You can organize different topics into “channels,” or separate conversation threads, and add team members based on which channel, or project,they should be in. It cuts down on your email, and gives team members an opportunity for a timely response. Slack also integrates with other project management software you may already use, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Asana,Zoom, and more.


Face to face meetings no longer an option? Zoom offers online video and audio web-based communications. Users can collaborate remotely through video conferences, online meetings, chats, and webinars. Users have the option for wireless screen sharing and live streaming, and you can host up to100 video participants on the free plan. 

Want to bank remotely? No problem. Bank of St. Francisville’s online banking portal offers easy access to your accounts, and you can make deposits remotely through out our mobile banking app.



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