Positive Developments

Known for its natural beauty, strong commitment to preservation, and friendly residents, West Feliciana Parish is one of Louisiana’s most enviable homesteads. Retirees love it for its pastoral vibe, and young families appreciate it for its old-fashioned charm, plus its high-ranking public school system.

And yet, the area’s lack of housing stock in a certain price range has created a barrier for young families and middle class professionals—preventing them from buying into the local market.

The rising subdivision of Cedar Pointe aims to fill that gap and to open up opportunities for buyers to purchase new, affordable homes in a centrally-located part of town. Developed by Derek Moreau and Craig Gosserand, Cedar Pointe offers new homes at a listing price of around $225,000. The subdivision is located just off Highway 61, a few miles from the center of St. Francisville. It is designed squarely for professionals who work in the parish, but who have struggled to find a home in their price point, says Moreau.

“We know from looking at the data that it takes about two years for a person who is looking for a home in this price range to find one in St. Francisville,” says Derek, a native of the area. “There just hasn’t been a lot of stock out there for people to choose from. It’s much more likely that you’d find something at about $500,000 or higher.”

Thus, as Derek points out, by providing more options for potential homeowners in West Feliciana, Cedar Pointe will help keep property tax dollars in the parish. Many of the lots sold thus far, he says, have been to individuals who already work in St. Francisville, but who live outside the parish because they haven’t been able to find the right home.

“We see this as being a good thing for the community,” Derek says. “We haven’t even run electricity yet, but more than half of the lots have sold. It’s a great indicator of the need for a project like this.”

Bank of St. Francisville Vice President of Commercial Lending Aimee Cook agrees:

“There is just very little out there for families looking for a home in the low-two hundred thousand dollar range, especially located close to town,” Aimee says. “Our entire community will be well-served by a development like this.”

The seventeen-acre site includes both single-family houses and residential town homes. For those buying single-family houses, Derek and Craig offer a complete design-build package that makes the process easy and seamless. A buyer purchases the lot and the new home from the developers, selecting from several different architectural styles that give families a chance to personalize their home’s look, while still creating a consistent subdivision design. In general, homes feature three bedrooms and two bathrooms, hardwood floors, granite countertops, large garages and plenty of storage.

“We’re excited about this project,” says Aimee. “More rooftops and careful planning mean more local spending and tax dollars for our parish. It’s a win-win.”  

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