Plan for Whatever Happens Next

Personal Savings Account

You have plans for the future, and we have the personal savings accounts to get you there.

  • $100.00 minimum deposit required to open
  • One (1) free withdrawal per month
  • Additional withdrawals - $2.00 each
  • Early closeout charge of $20.00 applies to accounts closed within six (6) months of opening
  • Duplicate passbook - $3.00 each\
  • For accounts of $250 and above, there is a market value interest rate and no monthly fee.
  • For accounts of $100-$249.99, there is a market value interest rate and a $1 monthly fee.
  • For accounts below $100, there is no interest rate and a $2 monthly fee.

Christmas Club

The best Christmas ever happens when you’ve prepared for everyone on your shopping list – before the holiday
rush! When it’s time for shopping season, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve saved all year long, and earned interest.

  • Applications open November 1 of each year
  • Customers can make deposits through October 31 of the following calendar year
  • This account is non-transactional
  • Your balance will accrue market rate interest, which will be added to your check at the end of the 50 week period
  • $10.00 minimum deposit required to open
  • Duplicate passbook - $3.00 each

Savings Made Simple

Grow your savings while using your debit card.  

BSF's Savings Made Simple product will round up your debit card transactions to the nearest $1, $5, or $10 and move those funds directly into your savings account. When your debit card transactions clear at the end of each day, you'll see one debit for "Savings Made Simple Transfer" for the amount that will be deposited into your savings account.


 Coffee/Muffin at Birdman$8.54             Rounding to nearest $5                             Savings $1.46
½ Po-boy at Magnolia $6.39                    Rounding to nearest $5                             Savings $3.61
Gas at Wilcox Oil Chevron$35.82           Rounding to nearest $5                             Savings $4.18

If all these transactions clear on the same day, you’ll see a “Savings Made Simple Transfer” transaction from your checking account to your savings account for $9.25. That’s savings made simple!

Come in today to speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives if you have more questions, or enroll online by completing the form at the link below.

Savings Made Simple Enrollment Form