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UnLock Heloc: Home Equity Line of Credit

Your home can help build your future. Our home equity line of credit grants individuals the power to manage their financial lives through ready cash, available with just the click of a button.
Qualified BSF customers can borrow against 100% of the value of their home.

1. Work with a BSF loan officer to get your home appraised.

2. Submit your loan application and get approved.

3. Start a business, complete a home renovation project or pay off credit cards.

• Make interest only payments for up to 10 years •
• Pay down or completely off at any point in time •

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Construction Loans

Ready to build? We can help with that. You manage your construction project, and we’ll manage your short term loans to finance the costs. As work on your project progresses, we’ll advance the loan directly to the builder.

Construction/Perm 1-time Close Loans

At Bank of St. Francisville, we work hard to build the best products and services to fit our community. We now offer one-time close construction to permanent financing loans. Come speak with one of our mortgage lenders today to find out about this great product that lets you save on closing costs by building your dream home and setting up your permanent loan all at one time! We love products that save you time and money.

Conventional Home Loans

Ready to buy a home or refinance the one you already own? Bank of St. Francisville can get you a great rate through a conventional home loan product now. Come see our friendly and helpful mortgage staff today!

NMLSR Information

The following employees of Bank of St. Francisville (NMLS ID 438247) are registered with the NMLS as Mortgage Loan Officers:

  • H. Carter Leak, IV: 1255182
  • Janis J. Crutchfield: 512583
  • Kellye F. Cornette: 512288
  • Melvin S. Harvey, Jr.: 517218
  • Aimee Cook: 1658275
  • Douglas Dupont: 1325487

*For anyone looking to buy, build or refinance a home, we encourage you to make use of this guide:

Janis Crutchfield

V.P. Consumer Lending

Kellye Cornette

V.P. Mortgage Lending

Melvin Harvey, Jr.

V.P. Commercial Lending

Aimee Cook

V.P. Commercial and Mortgage Lending