A Country Doctor’s Commitment to Community

For West Feliciana family practice physician and BSF board member Chaillie Daniel, personal health and community well being go hand in hand (and don’t stop at the clinic door.)

“My family has lived here for seven generations, and I absolutely love our community from the top, down, and the bottom, up,” Daniel said. “It doesn’t get any better than living here with my wife and children and watching St. Francisville grow and flourish.”

Daniel grew up in a family of farmers, but veered into medicine while an undergraduate student at LSU. After completing his medical degree at the LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans, Daniel returned home to St. Francisville in 2000, opening the Daniel Clinic. With help from Bank of St. Francisville, the clinic has become a thriving independent health care provider, an impressive accomplishment against the national backdrop of conglomerates and mega-practices.

Knowing your patients by name is a refreshing take on modern medicine; it’s a return to a gentler time. The Daniel Clinic’s team welcomes everyone, from newborns to aging adults and it offers a wide variety of services and practice areas. Those include immunizations, laboratory services, ultrasound, cardiology, ENT, neurosurgery, pediatric cardiology, and orthopedics. Also, the clinic also has partnerships with other regional providers that offer disciplines outside the clinic’s scope. This personal mode of care has paid off. Over the course of its history, the Daniel Clinic has grown from three to 30 employees.

Daniel himself isn’t just a town doctor. Since 2004, he has also served as coroner of West Feliciana Parish, meeting with coroner staff most morning to start his day. He also provides medical care to the Angola State Penitentiary population, including both inmates and residents. And, he serves as medical director of Hospice of Baton Rouge, helping families provide quality end-of-life care for their loved ones.

“It gives me great joy to care for everyone in our patient population,” Daniel said. “It’s an amazing gift to live here and to be able to treat them.

The married father of six children between the ages of nine and 21, Daniel has also enjoyed investing in the St. Francisville community’s growth through several real estate projects. Understanding the role Bank of St. Francisville plays in fostering regional stability prompted Daniel to recently join the bank’s board of directors.

“I believe in our community and in our community bank,” said Daniel. “I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without the backing of a small, community bank whose staff understand the needs of clients and what they want to accomplish. The bank has made it possible for me to invest in our community, and I want to help make sure it’s possible for others to do the same.”  

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