10 Minutes with Aimee

BSF's Aimee Cook on living in, and loving, St. Francisville

You’d expect a vice president of commercial & mortgage lending to know a thing or two about money management, but it takes less than ten minutes with Aimee Cook to realize that this knowledgeable financial professional also places great value on being a dedicated neighbor and business partner to her customers. A CPA in addition to being an experienced lender, Aimee loves using her skills to help her clients see their personal and professional dreams come true. She’s only been in St. Francisville for six years, but when she moved here, Aimee knew she’d found something special.  

What’s West Feliciana’s best-kept secret?

Everyone knows how great our school system is and how beautiful the parish is, but truly, the best kept secret is the people. They’re so welcoming and so willing to help each other, be it raising money for a cause, promoting our parish, or volunteering for our schools. West Feliciana residents are selfless and kind.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The fact that I’m able to serve our customers at any stage in their lives. Working for a hometown bank means I’m encouraged to really get to know our customers, and that makes my job so rewarding. I enjoy sitting down to discuss how we can help with a loan to build a new or “forever” home, or how we can assist a customer in starting or expanding a business. Their success is our success.

What’s the average day like for you?

Each day is an adventure. Typically, I’m meeting with or calling customers, or participating in the various committees that I serve on. I’m in the community a lot, sometimes checking on the progress of a home under construction or visiting with a business owner to see what the bank can do to help their enterprise grow.

Favorite food?

My favorite snack is Ewing’s Farm goat cheese with cranberries and honey that is on sale at Audubon Market (Ewing’s Farm is a St. Francisville Farm) with Mary’s Gone Gluten Free crackers….so yummy!!! Something else I love is charbroiled oysters. I’ve only recently had the courage to try them, but I’m so glad I did because I absolutely adore them.

How does your experience as a certified public accountant (CPA) help you in your banking career?

My accounting background gives me insight into the financials of any transaction or loan we’re working on. It also helps me understand most business models really quickly, which is great because we work with so many different types of businesses. In my previous career, I audited many different industries, and this has been great when meeting new clients here at BSF.

Favorite weekend activity?

I enjoy spending quality time with my three kids outside by our pool and having friends over to barbecue.

What do you love about living in St. Francisville?

 I love having all the conveniences of a big city, but one that’s still small enough that everyone knows and cares about each other. We have a wonderful school system and a very active community.

Favorite inspirational quote?

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched –they must be felt with the heart.” - Helen Keller


If you’re in the market for a new home or business, and want to expand an existing enterprise, reach out to Aimee today.

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