Banking for Busy People

Life just got a little easier for brothers Tim and Lile Lindsey.
The two are taking advantage of Bank of St. Francisville’s People Pay, a mobile banking app that allows users to send payments to friends and family without the hassle of withdrawing cash or writing a check. 

It’s been a seamless solution for the busy brothers and their families, who share a lot of activities over the course of a year, including a joint vacation every summer. With a total of 13 kids and adults in tow, the trips involve lots of expenditures for housing, food and leisure activities. People Pay allows the Lindseys to quickly reimburse each other for accommodations, group dinners and other shared expenses.

“You might have one person put down the deposit for the condos, and one person pick up the tab for this dinner or those movie tickets,” says Tim, a married father of six and family practice physician in St. Francisville. “Using People Pay, we can pay each other back in real time.”

Lile Lindsey, a medical device sales consultant who lives in Baton Rouge, agrees. He travels with his wife and three sons.

“This way,” he jokes, “I can be sure to get my money out of Tim.”  

People Pay is part of Bank of St. Francisville’s robust fleet of online banking services, which deliver convenience with the protection of a secure, hometown bank. The Lindseys are St. Francisville natives who grew up banking with BSF, and while they’ve each lived in other places, both have found that BSF offers modern amenities that make physical boundaries disappear. 

‍Brothers Tim and Lile Lindsey use BSF's People Pay to easily send funds for family functions in real time.

For example, Lile Lindsey spends most of his day in the car or visiting regional doctors, and doesn’t have time to physically make deposits.  It doesn’t matter, he says, since he can use BSF’s mobile deposit feature.

“All of the BSF’s online and smart phone options make it possible for me to use my hometown bank no matter where I am,” says Lile.

Tim adds that BSF’s proven track record lends credibility to its e-banking programs.

“Having these e-banking options with Bank of St. Francisville is, of course, convenient,” says Tim, “but what’s even better is that you feel protected by the bank’s commitment to security and customer service. It gives you an added extra measure of comfort.”

Use People Pay for everything from family trips to paying babysitters and tutors, to chipping in for teacher appreciation gifts. All that’s required is an active online banking account with Bank of St. Francisville. For more information, call (225) 635-6397 or visit  


Download the People Pay app from the App Store or Google Play store.

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