Louisiana Personal Loans, Home Loans and Mortgages

Personal Loans

Bank of St. Francsville has been providing a wide array of personal loans for our customers for over three decades. We offer a full range of personal loans with flexible terms and competitive rates.  Our knowledgeable loan officers offer convenient,  fast, friendly service. Bank of St. Francisville has a loan that is right for you.

Real Estate Mortgages

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  • Conventional Home Loans
    • a loan for financing the purchase or refinancing of a Primary Residence. Borrowers have the benefit of mortgage market rates.
  • Construction Loans
    • a short term loan, offers financing for the cost during the construction process. Funds are advanced to the builder as work on the property progresses
  • Home Improvement Loans
    • a loan for customers wanting to make home improvements.
  • Home Equity Line of Credit
    • a loan for customers to borrow funds against the equity in their home by means of a revolving line of credit.

  • Lot/Acreage Loans
    • a loan allowing customers to borrow funds against the land they wish to purchase.

Important Information about Flood Insurance


Consumer Loans

  • Vehicles Loans
    • a loan for the purchase of new or used cars; trucks, vans, and recreational vehicles (RVs, motor homes, campers, travel trailers, motorcycles, boats, personal watercraft, dirt bikes and 4-Wheelers.) GAP, credit life and disablility insurance availabe.
  • Mobile Home Loans
    • a loan for the purchase of a new or used mobile home
  • Personal Loans
    • a secured or unsecured installment loan used for personal purposes.  A contract between the borrower and the lender is signed to cover the extension of credit.  Credit life and disability insurance available.