Throughout the Felicianas are found stately reminders of a glorious past that provided the environment for numerous traditions.  Many have survived generations and continue to influence our lives today.

How these beliefs and customs began can be documented in only a few instances.  The one thing we can be sure of is that each tradition originated to fill a special need at a time and place in history.  It was a similar recognition of a special need that gave basis to the formation of Bank of St. Francisville...the need for a bank that would not take its customers for granted.

The Bank of St. Francisville was chartered in 1978 and has been open for business more than 30 years.

When the Bank opened its doors in October 1978, the business was run through a small trailer-bank.   As you entered the front door into a living room size area, to the right you would find the two desk loan department.  To the left was the teller area.  A room on the end to the right was the president's office and the room at the opposite end was the bookkeeping department.

In December of 1979 the staff moved into their new home, a story and a-half "old brick" structure with a front gallery of six slender white columns and a roof surmounted by three dormer windows.  To the rear of the building were two covered drive-in window bays.  The staff retained a close-knit, cooperative spirit which probably grew as much out of having to share such close quarters as being the "new bank in town."

In just over a year from opening, the Bank of St. Francisville grew from an idea to a growing bank with over $6,500,000 in assets.

The golden oak leaf and acorn logo was born, symbolizing both the idea of growth and the location of the bank, surrounded by oak trees.

Today, we have grown many times over, not just in the size of the building.  Our assets have grown to currently $95,000,000 and we remain a locally owned Community Bank with 35 employees.

From the moment our doors first opened, we have always believed that each of our customers were giving us the privilege of serving them.  We continue to feel that we have to earn that privilege every time a customer conducts a banking transaction.

Judging from the tremendous growth we have experienced, we have good reason to believe that a new tradition has been started.  By demonstrating day after day just how much we value our customers' business, we think it is a tradition that will last for a long time to come.